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Welcome coupe owners, those who love the coupe or those of you who have just discovered the beauty of BMW E9 coupes. Browse around, you'll find a list of reproduction parts available, lists of used and new parts for sale and pix of coupes I've owned in the last few years. There have been many more (50+ in the last 30 years of collecting), but these are the most recent. Questions? Call Dan at 970-472-1391 or email CSILCOUPE at MSN dot COM. Please note, I am a collector like most of you but I am not a business. I just happen to collect mostly E9 coupes. Thanks for visiting.


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Available again! - CSL only black plastic sun visor clips - OE quality - $39/pair or $21 each

Brand New clamshell trunk mount tool box - Inquire

Fully Restored 380 and 350mm diameter Petri CSL OE. Spokes like new, new leather covering, correct in every way. Expensive - Inquire

AT LAST!! The correct CSL black perferated vinyl headliners, pre sewn and ready to install, only $500!! Call me now for yours.

Reproduction Petri BMW CSL Steering Wheel Hub Cover - $115

Like New 360mm (14") Woodrim made in Italy - Gorgeous! Only $399


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