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BMW 3.0CS, CSi, CSL Coupes
Cars and Parts for the BMW E9 3.0CS, CSi and CSL Coupes


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NEW Italian made 360mm and 390mm Vintage Nardi Classico Woodrim with E9 or 2002 adaptor - NEW -$885 for 390mm, $865 for 360mm

Beautiful, Italian made (watch out for lots of Japanese or Chinese made Nardis out there) vintage style brand new Nardi Classico Woodrim steering wheel with original Nardi Roundel horn button. I have seen these horn buttons for $150 alone on ebay. Comes with the very hard to find E9 adaptor. Supply is very limited with new Italian made Nardis no longer said to be manufactured but somehow my supplier is able to find great quality NOS wheels from Italy. Both 390 and 360mm diameters available, usually takes only a week or two to secure. 390mm - $885 and 360mm - $865.

Motorsport Racing Steering Wheel - Inquire

This is the wheel the factory used on the Motorsport Race cars, made by Italvolanti, covered in black leather. Looks and feels great, like new. When have you seen another? This belongs on your race car or race car clone or even your street coupe. I do not have the center pad shown in this pic, the spokes are aluminum and look great with the grey Motorsport roundel. Inquire.

Period Minilite 14x7 Wheels - $525 / set 4

Great period accesory, rare size with the correct bolt pattern and offset to fit your E9. Recently media blasted and ready for your choice of color. If you have a Polaris car I suggest using Polaris to avoid a clash of two silvers. Dated 1973 and marked GB and 14x7 all cast into the wheels. Straight and true, ready to roll. Includes four BMW Roundel center caps. Price is only $595 for the set of four.


16x7.5 Borbet five spoke wheels - ET20 - Fits E9 well - $500 set of 4


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