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What do you need, what do you have for sale?

Please inquire for the parts you need. I can supply almost anything, new or used for any coupe, 2800CS, 3.0CS,CSi,CSiL or 2000CS. After collecting these cars for over 25 years, I literally have a mountain of parts and contacts around the world. Email or call  Dan at 970-472-1391 (Northern Colorado).

I am always looking for CSL lightweights and race cars, and parts specific to those cars, anywhere in the world. Please contact me if you know of something for sale. Leads resulting in a purchase will be rewarded, of course.

Reveneered Interior Wood - Beautiful = Price will vary depending on individual wood condition.

Fully restored wood uses solid original coupe wood that is veneered with a phenolic backed European Walnut (aka French or Italian Walnut, same thing) as BMW used originally. Stained to match the original color and then finished with a satin polyurethane clear to the point where grain is no longer visible just as original. The wood will look like new and like it did when BMW put it in your coupe nearly 40 years ago. Good enough for a concourse restoration and will last longer than the rest of the car in all likelyhood IF you dont let the windshield seal leak all over the wood. While all the dashparts areout DO replace an old, dry or crackedwindshield seal, cheap insurance for yourrenewed wood.

Price for a complete set with speaker grille in the dash wood but without the console wood used on non air conditioned cars at $2500 plus your good, solid, NOT delaminated usable cores. Price without cores is $2990. Price for the console wood used onnon a/c carsalone is an additional $350. With good usable cores the door and quarter wood alone is $700 for the set of four or $550 for the two door pieces aloneor $350 for the rear quarters alone..Dash alone is $1900 with instrument bezel or $1400 for the two curved pieces and vinyl covered base.

These prices aregeneral estimates, without a personal inspection I cannot guarantee they will apply to your specific set of wood. For instance if the door and quarter wood cannot be used for cores the pricewill becloser to $950 if they must be remanufactured from scratch.

The most commonly rotted piece is the vinyl covered horizontal panel of the dash. The wood I restore will include the correctly grained black vinyl bonded to a marine plywood base, it will never rot and is a brand new part thru and thru.

Other wood veneers are availableother than the original Europeanwalnut.Rosewood, Carpatian Elm Burl, Walnut Burl, and more. Inquire for pricing, availability and email pics. You also have the option of eliminating the radio grille for a much smoother look. Lots of options to personalize your coupe.


Brand New Black Leather Shift Boot - $75

Great looking brand new close grained black leather shift boot with correct black zipper, just as installed by BMW back in the day. Not some universal blob like AGLA sells with a shiny, garish brass zipper, this has the correct shape and sizing for your E9. Price is $75 plus shipping.

I can also supply the console center section that this boot fits into for those of you converting from a slush box to four speed. Price varies with condition and what other than the basic console center section you require.

Rebuilt Trunk Mount Clamshell Toolbox - Inquire

Just a few of the other new and used parts available:

English languageBlue Binder Shop Manual, as supplied to BMW dealerships back in the day. Very hard to find, some were all stuffed into one binder and some in a two binder set. You can get these on CD ROM from BMW, but how are you going to use that in your garage? Besides, this is a real collector's item, much sought after. INQUIRE, I do have another set for sale updated thru 1975!! Not inexpensive.

Chromed brass wheel arch trim, similar to but not as wide as those used on all CSLs. Look good if you'trintothe bling, very nicely made and only $275 for a set of four fitted specifically to the E9 coupe wheel arches.

What your E9 really needs is a manual steering box, as used only on theCSLs. This will make your coupehandle and feellike it should, especially thru the twisties. I haveone moreavailable, these are commonlycalled "quick ratio" CSLonly boxes altho the ratio is not much different than the power steering boxes, they just feel much better with more road feel. Theyare very hard to find. SOLD

I also havesome misc. parts for 2000CS coupes: BODY PANELS like hoods, doors, trunk lid,grilles, tailites with red corner lenses, a newly rebuilt alternator, etc. Call or email for you needs.

Virtually any E9good used parts, anything in chrome, glass, wood, panels, trim, mechanicals, you name it. Let me know what you need. Emailor phone me for pix of the parts you're interested in.


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