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BMW 3.0CS, CSi, CSL Coupes
Cars and Parts for the BMW E9 3.0CS, CSi and CSL Coupes


Coupes Owned  

CS/CSL Repro Parts Available  

More Coupe Parts Available  

Road & Steering Wheels FS  

Little Coupes  


1/18 Minichamps models, highly detailed, excellent!

1/43 and 1/87 various manufacturers

Mostly Fly Slot car approx 1/24 cars (NO RUST!!)


The BIG guys, over 1/12, electric, radio and gas powered cars


Stella Art Car - 1/18 Minichamps sold by BMW dealers.

Calder Art Car 1/18 Minichamps sold by BMW

Mostly 1/24 models by various manufacturers

1/12 Entex scale model - largest static display model I know of


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