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Reproduction CSL Fiberglass and Other Parts

Unless otherwise specified, all fiberglass parts are 3 - 4 mm (1/8 - 3/16") thick fiberglass finished in grey primer or primer gelcoat. Special orders from 1.5 to 6mm thick available NOTE: All parts are special order, and as such are not returnable. If you experience problems I will try to work with you to resolve them to the best of my ability. It would be great if I had BMW's resources for tooling, but I do not and cannot duplicate their quality exactly. There will probably be some fitting and perhaps some trimming required. The Karmann body was hand built and I have seen some surprisingly large variations in the overall dimensions of the car where the airdams or flares are mounted. All of the molds were made from original BMW parts, but the limited production nature of sales with very little markup can make for fitting to your individual vehicle a requirement.

PLEASE NOTE, I am just an avid collector who could not find these parts easily, so I had molds made when I could find them. Please note, parts are not stocked, and must be fabricated to order, so please allow up to 3-5 weeks for the fabrication process. If you're in a hurry, check with me first, I might have it on hand. As they are all special order they cannot be returned.

Click on pictures below to see a larger version, and enjoy your visit.

Euro 635 style airdam for your E9 - $650


This is the one and only available adaptation of the 635 Euro airdam to the E9 coupe. Fits like the original CSL airdam, to the front valence not like the 635 which attaches to the front bumper. Thus it can be used with or without the bumper, your choice. Best looking airdam since the original CSL. More pics below in my airdam section, click on the pics for larger images.

NOTE: This is a copyrighted design developed and copyrighted by Dan Koturov aka and may not be reproduced nor any photographs of it displayed on any website nor in any publication other than by or with permission from Of course you may feel free to share pics of the airdam to your friends but it may not be published nor shown elsewhere as indicated.


CSL Sun Visor Clip - Perfect Reproductions - $39 per pair

Probably the most prone to failue part of the interior of the CSL, these reproductions are injection molded of black polyethylene as were the originals. Hard to find before, now available in most any quantity you require. $21 each or $39 per pair.

Motorsport Racing Console - $250


New, reproduction of the original Motorsport console in fiberglass. Plenty of room for switches, etc. Fits nicely over transmission tunnel. Good for street to replace the ugly console with the Motorsport dash (sold below) Price is $240 in 2 mm black glecoat fiberglass.


Great, new full set of four flares and airdam duplicating the Gruppe 2 Luigi (UFO Jeans for example) parts. No extensive body work necessary, very easily added by bonding or pop riveting to the steel body, these will add 100mm or 4" to the width of your coupe allowing the use of up to 12" rear wheels (with the right offset of course). For street or race, these along with the wing, roof hoop, windsplits, etc will either make your car track worthy or street "bad". Price is very reasonable for four flares AND airdam, inquire. See more pics on the Flares for sale section below.

Front Airdams (click to enlarge pictures)


Street CSL Airdam

Brand new mold made from BMW original

All street airdams are 4mm (3/16") thick unless ordered in another thickness. Race airdams 2-3mm (1/8")




Group 2 CSL Airdam

2 part design with adjustable ground
clearance, excellent for loading onto trailers.




Group 2,4 & 5 CSL Airdam

Usable with all fender flares



Euro 635 Style Airdam

6 series style airdam mounts to the front valence of the E9 like the original CSL airdam, not the front bumper as on the 635.

$650 without foglite holes.

Fender Flares

LUIGI Group 2 CSL Airdam and Fender Flares Set

A full set of four flares and airdam duplicating the Gruppe 2 Luigi (UFO Jeans for example) parts. No extensive body work necessary, very easily added by bonding or pop riveting to the steel body, these will add 100mm or 4" to the width of your coupe allowing the use of up to 12" rear wheels (with the right offset of course). For street or race, these along with the wing, roof hoop, windsplits, etc will either make your car track worthy or street "bad". Price is very reasonable for four flares AND airdam. Inquire.



Group 2 CSL Front Fender Flares ('74 Motorsport Style)same as the "flying Hans Stuck CSL"

100mm (4") wide, 3mm (1/8") thick

$1250 / pair



Group 2 CSL Rear Fender Flares ('74 Motorsport Style) same as Hans Stuck "flying CSL"

100mm (4") wide, 3mm (1/8") thick

$1250 / pair

$2400 for a set of front and rear



Group 5 CSL Front Fender Flares

6" wide - Same as the Stella Art Car.




Group 5 CSL Rear Fender Flares

8" wide - Stella Art Car style, used on 75 Motorsport cars as well


AVAILABLE NOW!! GR4 100mm wide Calder Style Fender Flares

These great, new flares add 100mm width front and rear, perfect for replicating a Calder Art Car or building a vintage GR4 race car. Usable with either the GR2 two piece or the original GR5 one piece airdam. $1800 per pair for fronts, 1800 per pair for rears. Click on small pics below Calder car for larger images.



CSL Roof Hoop

4.5mm (3/16") thick, with cast resin center support and 304 stainless steel mounting brackets that will never rust and can be polished or painted. Shown in racing application bolted directly to the top without brackets.




CSL Roof Hoop Center Support and Mounting Brackets Only

Cast center support and 304 stainless steel mounting brackets that will never rust.




CSL Black Rear Bumper

2 piece R & L, Black gelcoat, 3mm (1/8") thick

$420 without mounting brackets

You will need to either fabricate mounting brackets or remove the ones from a Euro steel bumper and adhesive bond them into the fiberglass bumper. The center split cover and license lites are the same as the steel bumper and can be transferred from the one being replaced, or ordered new from BMW.



CSL Rear Ducktail Spoiler

Normally combined with 106 Wing, but can be used alone, 3mm (1/8")  thick, No mounting brackets. Best mounting method is with adhesive.




CSL Rear Wing

Consists of two uprights and aerofoil crosspiece wing which have hardwood inserts 1" deep to accept threaded inserts or your choice of fasteners, not included.  No rubber edges just like the one on the Calder Art Car.  Includes trunk mount ducktail spoiler #105.


$1200 without ducktail (two uprights and cross piece only)



CSL Rear Rubber Lipped Ducktail Spoiler

No Longer Available 


Body Panels and Related Parts -Inquire for current pricing.


CSL Hood

Outer skin only, looks just like steel hood from the outside. Best results with 4.5-5mm thickness, but thinner available which usually require some reinforcement to maintain shape. Intended for racing with reinforced corners for mounting with four hood pins.




CSL Trunklid

Outer skin only, corners reinforced for hood pins. Order in any thickness from 1.5-6mm. No internal reinforcement, skin only.




CSL Windsplits

Black molded, identical to original BMW.  There are no studs molded in and attachment is with adhesive or transfer tape, not supplied, but I will divulge best adhesive to use to buyers only.

$310 / pair




CSL Hood Prop-rod Bracket (Stainless)

Pop rivets to hood, duplicate of original.




CSL Doors

2 layer door uses stock hinges, but there is no provision for latch or windows. Very light, made from 1.5mm fiberglass, approx. 5kg (11 lb) each

$1200 per pair

Outer skins only - $650 per pair - can be bonded to the steel inner door for a small weight reduction or rust replacement.




Replacement Roof Panel

Replace damaged tops or troublesome, heavy sunroofs, or lighten up that racecar!  Weighs only 5kg (11 lb). No provision for headliner, interior light, etc. Great for race cars.



Interior - Inquire for current pricing.


Motorsport CSL Dash

 Duplicate of original as used in the Motorsport race cars. Usable to reduce weight and complexity of street cars also. 3mm (1/8") thick black fiberglass.




CSL Side Seat Covers - pair

$250 / pair right and left


NEW!! Full Set of Motorsport Tri-color stripes - NEW LOW PRICE!! $495/set 8

Long ago NLA from BMW, these tri color Motorsport stripes are precise reproductions of the originals. As used on the final 57 CSiL Batmobiles with 4355xxx vins. Set of 8 pieces, two front fenders, two doors, two rear quarters and two airdam. Stripes really compliment and set off Chamonix and Polaris cars, and looks good on other colors as well, like Black. No disappointments here, full set is $495. NEW LOW PRICE!!

Rear Ducktail 3.0CSL Outline Letter Decal

Great compliment to either black or tri color Motorsport stripes, this decal can be applied to any rear ducktail, or the trunk lid for that matter. Easily applied outline black letters look great on Polaris, Chamonix, Fjord, etc, etc. Available now for only $50 each.

Decorative Side Stripes - NEW LOW PRICE !$250/set in Black

Original equipment on CSL cars, these perfect reproductions include all six side pieces, two front fenders, two doors and two rear quarters in black with 3.0CSL letters in the correct place and the correct type face. See more pics on my coupes owned page. Easily applied self adhesive stripes, easily modified to say 3.0CS (paint over the "L") or 3.0CSi (modify the L to a lower case "i" with a bit of black tape).


$300/set 6 pieces (two complete stripes) Other colors available on special order for NEW LOW PRICE! $250/set 6.



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