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BMW 3.0CS, CSi, CSL Coupes
Cars and Parts for the BMW E9 3.0CS, CSi and CSL Coupes


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1972 3.0CSiL 2275029 Inka Orange

My own personal CSL, exceptionally rust free Italian delivery car, which went from Italy to Texas. New paint and interior, trim and nearly everything else. One of the best on the planet. Best color for an L in my opinion. Genuine lightweight, NOT a Stadtepaket (street package) car. COULD BE FOR SALE, that is if you want to spend a ridiculous amount of money for one of the best.

1973 3.0CSiL 2275441 Polaris Batmobile Series 1

Fully restored, original Batmobile with all aero parts like wings, hoops, windsplits and glass bumpers. You can find reproductions of all the CSL aero parts, stripes, decals, etc. available on my CS/CSL Reproduction Parts page, check it out.

1972 3.0CSiL 2275071 Polaris

Sweet early series 2 CSL, rustfree and solid driver. Lives in Texas and Wyoming now, new owner very happy with the car.

1973 3.0CSiL 2275258 Turkis

That is a correct, original CSiL color, Turkis, one of only five made in this color. Fully restored car that was just resold. Great car.

1973 3.0CSiL 2275350 Fjord

3.5L, 5speed, 4.10 Alpina LSD, custom 3" exhaust, suspension and brake upgrades. Very quick, handles very well. Something BMW should have offered. Lives in NJ now.

1973 3.0CSiL 2275397 Polaris

Polaris lightweight from California. Had for a short while, now it lives in San Francisco. Nice, clean car.

1973 3.0CSiL 2275370 Fjord

Good, solid lightweight which will be a very valuable asset when completed.

1974 3.0CSi Schwarz

Beautiful all black car with velour interior, now lives in CT.

1973 3.0CSi Fjord


Lovely Fjord CSi, great driver, now lives in Atlanta.


1973 3.0CSi Nachtblau

Fantastic original car, imported from Italy to Colorado. Purchased by some high fashion types in NYC. Must look good.

1975 3.0CSi Verona

1975 3.0 CSi in a lovely color, Verona red. I restored this one, and Bruce Leggett, who is responsible for most of this website bought it. An encounter with a Dodge Ram sent it to the salvage auction where it was purchased to restore. Shame, it was a great car.

Gruppe 2 Replica Racecar

Built this one myself, but after it sat in a mechanic's shop for two years with nothing happening, I got fed up and sold it to a guy on the east coast. I believe he finished it and is racing it now.


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